All You Need to Know About Gigi Hadid’s Iconic Runway Walk


Gigi Hadid, born Jelena Noura Hadid, is a renowned figure in the world of fashion, revered for her classic beauty and effortlessly chic style. However, what sets her apart is her captivating runway presence. This article delves deep into the phenomenon that is Gigi Hadid’s runway walk – an amalgamation of her innate grace, professionalism, and unique personal style.

Gigi Hadid – A Pantheon of Beauty and Style

Born to Shine – From relatively humble beginnings to the dazzling runways of internationally renowned labels, Gigi Hadid’s journey has secured her a position in the pantheon of supermodels. Her success can be attributed to her arresting features, indomitable spirit, and above all, her distinctive strut that dominates the catwalk.

Runway Tactics: A Study of Gigi Hadid’s Walk

Mastering the Catwalk – Gigi Hadid’s iconic runway walk is a prime example of her innate talent combined with intense discipline. She negotiates the runway with fluid movements, marked by her characteristic pendulum swing of the arms and a poised demeanour.

Signature Moves – Absence of excessive hip sway and the adoption of a concentrated gaze – the hallmark ‘Hadid stare’ – are quintessential to Gigi’s runway walk. These tools secure Gigi’s success as a runway model.

A Timeline of Gigi Hadid’s Runway Evolution

The Maiden Walk – Gigi Hadid made her debut on the runway for Desigual during the Fall 2014 New York Fashion Week, introducing her refreshing aura to the fashion world.

The High Fashion Endeavour – Gigi’s runway presence underwent a remarkable evolution after she was chosen by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel’s ‘Metiers d’Art Show’ in 2015. This was a pivotal moment, solidifying her position as a high fashion model.

The Victoria’s Secret Milestone – Stepping into the Victoria’s Secret glitz in 2015 validated Gigi’s position amongst the world’s most desirable models. Her charm, confidence, and the mesmerising Hadid walk stood unrivalled.

Influence of Gigi Hadid’s Runway Walk on the Fashion World

Fashioning a Legacy – In an industry governed by trends and ephemeral glamour, Gigi Hadid has achieved a coveted feat –she’s timeless. Her influence extends beyond her runway accomplishments and her style continues to inspire upcoming models.

The Hadid Stare – Gigi’s intense and dynamic runway gaze has permeated the fashion industry, emerging as a potent tool for models to express themselves on the runway.

Breaking Stereotypes – Gigi’s unique catwalk style has also played a role in breaking the monotonous, standardized body movements and conventional walks on the runway. It exemplifies her unapologetic individualism and challenges the normative ideas of what a model should look like on the catwalk.


Gigi Hadid’s runway walk is not just a showcase of her exceptional modelling skills, it is a testament to her individual personality, fierce determination, and her unyielding vision of self-expression. It is the epitome of her professional wisdom and inherent style – unmistakably Gigi, unapologetically so. In exploring Gigi Hadid’s runway journey, one discovers a narrative of hard work, resilience and an enduring love for modelling which makes her truly iconic.

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